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Improper chimney design and sloppy masonry can lead to early deterioration, chimney fires, house fires or the release of poisonous gases into your home. Trust Silver Castle Masonry with your chimney repairs, relining and rebuilding.

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While your chimney and fireplace provide warmth and comfort, it can also pose safety risks if improperly designed or maintained. By protecting its surroundings from heat, a chimney liner can reduce the risk of fire. By providing an escape route for poisonous gases, a liner also keeps the gases from seeping into your home.

Reduce your risk of fire and hazardous gas leaks

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- Chimney relines, rebuilds and repairs

- Flashing and water damage repair and prevention

- Rain caps and dampers

- New chimneys and fireplaces

- Chimney fire prevention

Properly caring for your chimney is essential for preventing fires. Let us show you how we help.

Cracked or leaking chimney? Slipping bricks? A jack-of-all-trades won't do. Call a mason you can trust to get the job done right. At Silver Castle Masonry, we're the area's foremost experts on chimneys and fireplaces.

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Chimney repairs

Over time, exposure to the elements can cause a masonry chimney to lean or deteriorate, particularly in older homes. If your chimney is leaning to one side, the bricks seem to be displaced or they've taken on a "flakey" appearance, it's time to call a professional mason. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Is your chimney showing signs of age?