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Even a seemingly minor leak in your chimney could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. At Silver Castle Masonry, we help homeowners like you protect your home from water damage by promptly repairing leaks and installing rain caps and flashing.

Stop costly water damage before it happens



Even a very small chimney leak can quickly turn into a big problem. A leaking chimney can result in damage to your home's interior wall surfaces, framing, roof or the chimney itself. Our professional masons offer a complete range of chimney leak prevention and repair services designed to help you avoid costly damage.

The effects of water damage

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- Defective bricks and mortar joints

- Cracked/deteriorated crowns and washes.

- Lack of a rain cap or chimney cricket

- Chimney or flashing defects

- Defective chase covers

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Chimney flashing prevents water from entering your home at the point where the roof and the chimney meet. Damaged flashing can lead to water intrusion.

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Common causes of leaks

What is chimney flashing?

Water damage isn't the only danger posed by a poorly designed, constructed or maintained chimney. Unless your chimney is properly cared for, your home could be at risk for a chimney fire. Our masons offer a range of fire prevention services, including complete rebuilds and chimney liners. Call us for more information.

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